Women and men health with astrology online

First of all Zahid Abbass Zaidi ji works in majority of health problems and diseases. And therefore, the medical astrology is rapidly becoming popular as an alternative science. In addition health treatment is becoming alternative to the usual medical science treatments in hospitals and clinics. But, to find the most effective astrological solutions to troubles or diseases of your concern, you compulsorily need services of an spiritual personality.So that spiritual personality must be well-experienced, and truly veteran medical astrologer.

Furthermore according to rohaniyat and amliyat, every organ, anatomical structure, body function. That astrological element can be any Zodiac Sign, a Planet, or a joint influence of two or more Signs or Planets. This means that the Twelve Zodiac Signs and Nine main Planets together are associated with various ailments, disorders, and diseases of the body and mind.

Women and men health

Furthermore thus, close observation and insightful analysis of the birth chart of a person, reveal all things related with his/her health, gradual slowdown in health, and the probable diseases in life.

And health problems solution by amliyat and taweezat.

In addition health of a person is bound to be troublesome if anyone or more of the malefic planets (Saturn, Rahu, Mars, Sun, and Ketu) are located in the 1st, 6th, or 8th houses; or occupies signs like Scorpio, Virgo, or Pisces; or are rather strong owing to adverse locations in the birth chart of the person.

And he deals in following problems.

In addition, High/Low Blood Pressures

Furthermore, Heart Troubles and Diseases

Stomach and Liver related and Diseases

Eye Problems

General Debility

Brain related Problems

Diseases related with Urinary and Sexual Organs

Skin Problems

Pain in Joints and Overall Body



Problems associated with Ovaries and Reproductive System

Infectious Diseases

And, other problems and diseases of the body and mind.

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