So today we shall see what is childless problem, why it happens and what is its treatment. After that the couple has married there comes a pressure of demand of child from both the families, the family of boy and family of girl. All we are writing here is the solution through astrology. Our rohani astrologer is very famous in solution of childless problem. He has solved many such cases in his life and hundreds of men and women are satisfied from the services of our rohani  astrologer.

There may be many reasons of childless problem but one major reason is written below.


There are very few young persons who are confident over there youngsters and can say that they have not spoiled there youngsters or have not gotten sexual relaxation through other means except marriage. Youngsters of today era due to VCR, films, nude pictures, sexual novels, and European lifestyle get sexual desire before they become adult. These youngsters waste their youngness in sinful activities and become sexually weak.

There are many married couples who are teased through the thoughts of a beautiful child. They always feel that there is something missing in their lives. In this situation you can eliminate your worry through the pregnant tips and wazifas.


Due to unhealthy lifestyle the childless problem is becoming more common than few years back when people used to live healthy life. As said earlier there are many reasons of childless problem but most common reasons include unhealthy lifestyle, some kind of disease, black magic and/or jealousy.

Many times people who are jealous they do not like progress of a person and these jealous people make bandish through taweezat or black magic. Some other kinds of bandishs also exist which include karobari bandish, shadi mein rukawat, aolad ki bandish etc. So there are many wazifas and taweezat that break jealousy and black magic and bring a happier life for everyone.


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