Manpasand Shadi ki dua

Today the topic we are writing here is Manpasand shadi ki dua. In this era many young boys and girls have extreme wish of manpasand shadi ki dua. Some youngsters get their wish fulfilled while some youngsters do not get their wish and these who do not get their wish, become worried and hopeless. These youngsters do not become hopeless and should do dua for manpasand shadi ki dua which is called manpasand shadi ki dua.

Through this dua all the obstacles in the way of manpasand shadi ki dua will be removed INSHALLAH.

Some people say that age has been increased but there is no proposal for them. Usually both boy and girl face the problem in the matter of marriage. People make many kinds of criticisms only because of no proposals. So they become more and more worried day by day and age also increases day by day. But you need not to worry now our famous astrologer Zahid Abbass Zaidi will tell you so strong wazifa of manpasand shadi ki dua through which you will get rid of all the problems and obstacles.

But for this, you will need to offer five times of prayers and be in ablution every time. The basic reason of this problem is that human has a lot of wishes and to fulfill one’s wishes he/she does not care for halal and haram. Another reason is that forgetting the blessings of Allah almighty and forgetting offering prayers etc. When a person starts disobeying the commandments of Allah almighty then he starts facing different kinds of problems. Sometimes he start facing problems in business and sometimes feels un-peaceful at home etc.

Today in this advanced era Internet and television have made life easy. These things are useful but also harmful at the same time. These days there are increasing the problems where boy and girl become friends on internet. This causes problems and disgraces parents of both. If boy and girl care for the grace of their parents then Allah will also be happy with them and their parents will also be happy with them. Then there prayer will be accepted. Their marriage will be conducted in a noble family.

So do you want to do manpasand shadi ki dua? Yes. Every boy and girl seem to wish to manpasand shadi ki dua.

There is nothing bad in manpasand shadi ki dua if you tell and take permission from your parents. But there come lots of hurdles in love marriage sometimes the mother of girl does not agree and sometimes her father does not agree. Sometimes other problems take place.

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